priceless souvenir

I'm just a centre piece on the side of the mantelpiece, a Christmas gift that's unwanted but accepted for the show. What can't be seen can't be heard So the racket I make screaming to be understood will be pushed away to the side My feelings and opinions mean nothing, so out the door I... Continue Reading →


cross rails

Is it me or is it youBecause I'm standing on cross rails With trains coming at me either sideI could avoid getting hit If I could just be bothered But that would mean I would have to careAnd if I cared Then what the fuck am I doing hereIn a world that will see I'm... Continue Reading →

fly on the wall 

Why do I feel like I'm being followed It doesn't leave me alone. A fly on the wall, It's buzzing embedded in my ear. It's getting louder as I get used to it I'm getting sadder as I make friends with it. A friend is meant to be a companion Something you can trust So... Continue Reading →


A demon made my heart wrench, Literally. My tendons tore to shreds. It was an attack A personal and very real attack. It got stuck at the hypodermis I hyperventilated He knocked me down again Black out. Hypothermia, I could feel the sweat Melting down the walls of the dermis. It all feels like fantasy... Continue Reading →

nurtured nature 

The soul is made up of little parts that we don't know, Single notes and melodies can be soothing, I know. The elegance of when a violinist sweetly strokes her strings with a single bow, Or when a pianist plays soft meaningful notes and concludes his show - What do you feel when you look... Continue Reading →


I am sick of this feeling There's always this heavy feeling in my chest. I don't know which way is left or right - I am scared, to be honest. I am scared that one mistake has cost me my whole entire life, Scared that no one will remember me for what I am I... Continue Reading →


I was startled, frightened even I didn't know how to cope without your existence in this world I sat on top of you, face to face. My arms linked around your neck and my legs wrapped around your waist. I held onto you with my life. If you let go, we both let go. Our... Continue Reading →


She leans out her neck slightly A reaction to my fingers running down her spine. There's beauty in her collarbones I want to kiss every crease, every line. It's familiar- this temptation, this lust. Yet I can't submit to it She's not right Because it's not her - I continue, despite the dispute of my... Continue Reading →

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