“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.”

They look at us like we’re smaller than them and somewhat inferior.

We are weak and easy to break and that’s how they take advantage of us.

Our tears are what makes them winners and our weakness gives them strength.

We are only here to benefit them because without man we wouldn’t be a woman.

We are not here to be leaders. Our opinions don’t count as long as they conflict with theirs.

But they don’t take into account our power and our enduring hearts.

They would never survive with someone like them.

They would never cope with the load we can take on.

We’re stronger and better because we are survivors.

Survivor – a person who copes well with difficulties in their life.

We’re fighters.

Fighter – a person with the will, courage, determination, and ability. 

Men bring us down, but yes they can also help bring us up.

But our courage, and our strength. That comes from us and only us.

It comes from our hearts. Our courage and our determination.

We are women.

And we are empowered to be the best we can possibly be and that’s better than any man tells us we are.

Don’t stop fighting. Don’t be bought down.

Don’t let anyone tell you who you are.

Remember who we are collectively.

And we are as strong as we allow ourselves to be.

fly on the wall 

Why do I feel like I’m being followed

It doesn’t leave me alone.

A fly on the wall,

It’s buzzing embedded in my ear.

It’s getting louder as I get used to it

I’m getting sadder as I make friends with it.

A friend is meant to be a companion

Something you can trust

So why is it the longer that you’re around,

The less I can trust you and your ‘facts’.

What can I do though?

You’re my only friend.

You live in my brain

You make up my memories

A constant noise blurring my thoughts

My mind is fizzled from your need for attention

Just leave me alone.

Why are you so adamant on picking out my bones

I run from you. I block you out and you leave

But you return when I wake up –

There’s only so far I can up and go

You consume my mind and my spirit

You control my laughter and the basic need for human contact.

Will it get any better if you die?

I’ll be a cold hearted murderer

I’ve even thought out every single step

I know what you’re thinking –

The first sign of madness

She’s losing it

Don’t worry. The fly will find me,

You won’t see it but believe me, it’s there behind me,

It’s so deep in my blood,

Impossible to drown it out-

I’ve tried.

Don’t doubt me.

People love to tell me how I feel.

When really only it can understand.

Because it’s my controller

I am a slave to its consistency,

I submit to its every need for nagging,

However, my happiness weakens it

My smile is poison to its wings

It stops flying

I hear it crying

Whimper away my friend from the past

You have no control over me anymore

I’m over it


A demon made my heart wrench,
My tendons tore to shreds.
It was an attack
A personal and very real attack.
It got stuck at the hypodermis
I hyperventilated
He knocked me down again
Black out.
Hypothermia, I could feel the sweat
Melting down the walls of the dermis.
It all feels like fantasy
A dream where your paralysed
“Wake up, snap back into it,”
I was weak
I couldn’t protect myself from the germs,
the dust, dirt, damage.
My epidermis exposed.
“Repulsive, revolting, repelling,”
A skeleton was all that remained
The bones withering away
My soul floating in the dusty air
I wander
Hoping to gain a perspective
A meaning.
A turbulent pushing was meeting my chest –
Each element of the echo could be heard
“Leave me alone”
It started to tear through my ear drums
A curdling scream
that put goosebumps on my broken skin
I couldn’t escape it
Not now, not ever
A nightmare was driving my reality
where I was left with no skin to pinch
So that somebody could wake me up
And remove this heaving new monster off my chest.

nurtured nature 

The soul is made up of little parts that we don’t know,

Single notes and melodies can be soothing, I know.

The elegance of when a violinist sweetly strokes her strings with a single bow,

Or when a pianist plays soft meaningful notes and concludes his show

What do you feel when you look into the night sky?

Ten little drops of rain can make you forget for five minutes your whole life.

Have you ever really looked at a snow flake?

Falling white from the sky, when it’s so late.

Icy particles make up a beautiful thing

Gently in their bed; snowflakes, they lie

Besides their cold peers

Breaking all the scientific formulas and formations of ice

Beneath the cold snow, looking up from their beds from deep down below

The cloudy white sky is a savior from the blacked out night

A fortress of solitude is built when the right particles gracefully fall

As they wake up from their dreams of unbreakable ice

Lying next to the right one perfectly pays the price

He loves me, he loves me not

Petals fall each minute one by one

But as each month goes by, each love can be forgot

Bouquets and bunches are put together easy like a sum

But they can easily be replaced and regrown

Just like us lovely bunch.


I am sick of this feeling

There’s always this heavy feeling in my chest.

I don’t know which way is left or right –

I am scared, to be honest.

I am scared that one mistake has cost me my whole entire life,

Scared that no one will remember me for what I am

I don’t know who I am supposed to turn to

Who will be there to hold me down –

Because let’s face it, everyone lets you down some way or the other.

How am I supposed to know now, who’s worth taking the risk for

I took the risk for the worst person possible

And look where that got me.

I thought I had everything sorted, everything planned,

But what kind of plan was it
Because looking back I can’t even comprehend it anymore.

Everyone has answers for what the right thing is

But everyone’s there making the same mistakes I am, just in different ways

We’re all hypocrites.

I let you all tell me off

Even though I tell myself off every day.

I let everyone stare at me

Even though I can’t bare to look at myself.

It’s funny because people have so much to say

And I have so little to say.

My mind wanders a lot,

We’re having an adventure of our own

Without everyone else in it

There isn’t any room for any strangers anymore

But that scares me,

Being lonely scares me

But letting someone get close scares me even more.

The world is at my feet

But my feet are on the edge of the world

I’m just on the outskirts

A stranger looking in

An alien would be the right word

That’s right. I feel like an alien

A strange creature who people look at a bit funny

Sometimes I repeat myself

I make tens of thousands of mistakes

But I am only a reflection of real human emotion
And I can’t apologise for being a little bit scared


I was startled, frightened even

I didn’t know how to cope without your existence in this world

I sat on top of you, face to face.

My arms linked around your neck and my legs wrapped around your waist.

I held onto you with my life. If you let go, we both let go.

Our lips make love in their own way and crash into each other like burning hot coals

I gasp, begging you for more

I’m supposed to hate you

What is it that you do; I don’t understand

I’m sinking and I’m falling

Deeper for you, deeper into you, but you won’t just let me slip

You wouldn’t ever let me leave –

But you can’t stop something which is far beyond your control

It was agonising, the day to day ratio of crying and then asking for more

I had to go. I had to be all alone

I couldn’t cope anymore it doesn’t matter if I’m lost on my own.

You were my life and you were just as unfair as it

But you only saw me as a bitch rather than something to take care of and now you’ve lost it

Your diamond in the rough.

I cling onto every last scent of you

The good, and the bad

I wrapped myself around your figure and smoked the shame away, knowing it’ll be our last

I woke up desperately opposed

Fearing for my life and yours

The entire time you held the power when I had the power to close an entire chapter

It scared and shocked the both of us

A different life from here on after

I don’t know if you really tried to drown that day I left

Or perhaps you wished I blew up somewhere so that I would meet my death

I don’t know if you wish for me to be happy

But I still wish you all the luck

I hope you learned all that I could give you was something no one could ever give you. It will never be enough.

Although, really I hope she is enough

In your tangled sheets of lust

The memories I reflect them in mirrors,

I now enjoy smashing mirrors up

I hope you’re happy cause you changed me into something I swore I’d never become

Disappointing me, I’m sorry I don’t care

But that’s what comes along when you break a fragile heart that is drowning under swallowed tears


She leans out her neck slightly

A reaction to my fingers running down her spine.

There’s beauty in her collarbones

I want to kiss every crease, every line.

It’s familiar- this temptation, this lust.

Yet I can’t submit to it

She’s not right

Because it’s not her

I continue, despite the dispute of my heart.

I let my prurience take over

She’s exhaling slowly

It creeps up on me

So much desire swept over her absent face

Her lips are quivering

Much like the nervous butterflies knocking on my chest.

Deep down I need to listen, and hold myself back,

Because it’s not her

I should just get it over with.

Let it be another something for me to forget

But it feels like I’m erasing her memories.

Replacing her with something meaningless –

Something withdrawn, defect.

She moves slowly,

I see infatuation in her eyes.

I can’t think straight

I never thought I’d be this kind of guy.

Thinking twice about something I used to be done with in five

But something in my heart sinks

I can’t look into her eyes without seeing her

I take a shot, smoke three draws, forgetting about the past and what it held

I have to move forward

Forget everything she was for me

I hold her close to my chest

Pretending she’s precious, unlike the rest.

Although it’ll never be her again,

In my arms, chest to chest.

I’m filling this void in my vacant heart

From the day she left.