About me

I’m not going to bore you with silly little details about myself; that frankly no-one even cares about. The reason I am writing a blog, is due to the fact that I need a form of outlet- which allows me to vent, without forcing it upon my TL on Twitter, or by talking and talking to someone in my life that probably isn’t even really listening (now I just sound like a loser). To be honest I can be such a loser at times. Fuck it, we all can be. Everyone has points in their life where they just are a complete bloody loser- where you have to secretly pretend you’re not, just to be a person who is somewhat socially acceptable. I have this issue where I keep all of my thoughts inside my small brain and then allow myself to worry and overthink about everything so I thought, if I combine that problem with my love for writing, I may have just found a solution for myself.